San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

San Ramón en Acción

The Community Action Alliance Costa Rica will be sponsoring an insurance seminar Oct. 21 at the José Figueres Ferrer Cultural Center in San Ramón. The topic will be “Insurance in Costa Rica Post-CAFTA: New Players, New Products, New Opportunities.” The featured speaker will be Tico Times insurance columnist David Garrett, who recently spoke at the International Living conference in San José. He has lived in Costa Rica for more than three decades and has represented the National Insurance Institute (INS) for over 20 years. Presently, he represents INS and other insurance providers to give Costa Rica residents a broad spectrum of choices. For more information about the seminar, visit www.actionalliance Other upcoming events include a tai chi chih workshop Sept. 28 and a book sale fundraiser in November; see the alliance’s website for details.

Special thanks go out to Paul and Gloria Yeatman of for organizing the Tortuga Island and Mangrove Island adventure tours recently. In addition to arranging fun events, Paul and Gloria serve as board members for the action alliance and tutor Spanish in local schools. For more information about social and cultural events in San Ramón, visit the Gringo Central website at or join the group for weekly coffee Thursdays at 10 a.m. at Café Delicias. 

–Mike Styles

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