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Arenal Report

Several weeks ago a YouTube video of a purported Lake Arenal airfield brought joy to the hearts of some flyers planning to move here. Unfortunately the pilot who recorded his landing on a waterside airstrip seems to have misremembered the location of this particular landing, one of many on his air tour of Latin America. Recently the YouTuber emailed me with coordinates of the landing site, which appear to be closer to Lake Coter than Lake Arenal. Nobody at or near Lake Coter, (the fabled site of a UFO sighting 30 or more years ago) knows of a landing strip at that small, isolated lake.

Wakeboarding entrepreneur Sander Werink , who is exceptionally familiar with the shoreline of Lake Arenal, says that there is no airfield anywhere along the red clay banks of the long lake. In the video he noted the slight waves and yellowish beach as evidence that the pilot made an ocean approach to the paved strip and suggests the location might be Drake Bay. If Sander is right, one wonders how the pilot can have made such a mistake. Currently only float planes and helicopters can land right at the lake. For wakeboarding instead of flying, email Sander at 

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