San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Arenal Report

Little things mean a lot – to our local police force as well as in romantic relationships. Cindy Carroccio of Longhorn Bar and Grill verified this truism recently when she gifted the Tilarán Fuerza Pública, or National Police, not with a tray full of Longhorn’s famous hamburgers but with a stapler, appropriate staples and a calculator. The chief was most appreciative, she reports. He suggested a further modest gift, a new jailhouse door to better contain the bad guys.

The Longhorn is gifting the broader community on July 3 with its first annual Independence Day Chili Cook-off, which, however, will not be entirely free but cost $5 a head for the privilege of sampling all the competing chilis. Prizes will be awarded for the judges’ choice and the public choice. Anyone may enter. Email to enter the competition or get more information. Chile Town Hot Sauce is co-sponsoring the event. There will be live music and various games, including chicken-dependent bingo. 

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