San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Flamingo/Potrero News

The surprising multiple small earthquakes that shook our area during Semana Santa (Easter Holy Week) have calmed down now, as have the crazy parties and crowded beaches that week always brings. The turtles seem to have noted the return to quiet and have come back to the beach to lay their eggs. It’s always thrilling to see the tracks leading out of the water and back again.

Local schools La Paz and Country Day have reconvened after a long holiday. Students, families and teachers are back in the school-day rhythm again.

Mar y Sol is offering “green-season values” of discounted yummy food items and drinks for just $3 to $6 per item. Note that the restaurant will be closed Tuesdays from now until the end of August.

The farmers market that used to be held at La Plaza has moved to Brasilito at the Country Day School. You can find great preservative-free cheeses and yogurt, smoked, aged and dried beef, prosciutto and salami, fresh fruits and vegetables, breads and pastries, fresh fish and more every Friday from noon to 4 p.m.

The sunsets lately have been amazing, so head to the beach to watch the orange ball of fire drop down into the horizon, spraying the sky with an afterglow of purples, oranges, pinks, blues and grays.

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