San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Coco Capsule

Since first visiting Costa Rica six years ago, I’ve been impressed with the diversity of local music. In the past few years, we’ve seen an expansion toward more classical training and the importation of European and Asian styles in both classical and popular formats. Thus, Coco welcomes Natalia Esquivel’s new Costa Rica Academy of Music. Armed with a Master of Arts in Music Education from Indiana University, Natalia offers instruction in guitar and piano to adults and children, in addition to basic music appreciation for kids. Her studio is in the Luperón complex next to the soda, and she can be contacted at 8923-7398 or 2670-1335.

Shortly after Christmas, Coco home­owner Dr. Chris Lynette asked to visit with local health care providers and, thanks to the efforts of Rose Alston and Patricia Dijkgraaf de Ciani, a meeting was arranged with Dr. Oskar Díaz, who heads the EBAIS clinic that provides basic medical and pharmaceutical services in Playas del Coco. Though run by the national health system, the clinic gladly accepts donations. Returning to his practice in St. Catherines, Ontario, Dr. Chris made a display of the clinic, the patients and Dr. Oskar and his colleagues. When he returned in February, he presented $2,500 in contributions from his Canadian patients to Dr. Oskar. We thank both doctors for their efforts and service to the community.

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