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Feb. 26 was a festive day celebrating a community-based effort toward sustainable living in Montezuma. La Fiesta del Reciclaje inaugurated a comprehensive recycling program available to all area residents and businesses.

The afternoon kicked off with a Ticos vs. the World soccer match. With home-field advantage and excellent play, the Ticos were victorious 3-1. After the game, the party moved to the beachside paradise of Hotel Amor de Mar.

Antonio Vallese, president of the Montezuma Tourism Chamber (CATUMO), gave a brief commencement speech, followed by a recital by the National Music Education System (SINEM) local children’s orchestra.

Shortly after, the talented band Macana took the stage and played great rock and roll for the entire evening. Delighting the crowd during breaks in the Macana show were music and dance performances by Irene, Gabriel, Ninoska, Toli, Chisco, Cecilia, Jorge and Barbara, a drum circle led by Cristiano, and a fire-dancing display by Angela, Joseph, Geoff and the amazing Eli.

Many thanks go out to the numerous members of our community who donated food and drinks, and the many volunteers who assisted in making this free event something special. The recycling program would not be possible without the monthly financial support of CATUMO’s 50 members. To learn more about the chamber, go to

Montezuma Recycling offers daily pickups at businesses in town, and weekly pickups in Cabuya, Delicias and at Pura Vida Road. A drop-off site is open all day at the south end of the soccer field, on the property of Roman Cruz, who has donated the space needed to sort and ship all recycling items. In addition, five recycling and garbage stations are located around Montezuma to allow visitors to properly dispose of their refuse. Glass, aluminum, plastics 1 and 2, Tetra Pak and batteries can be brought in for recycling.

Approximately 350 people attended the event and produced just one bag of garbage, mostly napkins and leaves. In an effort to “leave no trace,” utensils were carved from the piñuela de monte plant and plates were made from almond leaves.

For more information about the initiative and to lend support, contact Ori at Hotel Amor de Mar at 2642-0262.

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