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Montezuma Musings

The first ever Montezuma Gathering is set to take place April 3 to 9, when the South Nicoya Burners will offer a week of fun, sun, awesome beaches, great music and dance, workshops, classes and general celebration, leading up to an epic Montezuma beach burn on the final night of the festival. On April 10, an after-party will be held on nearby Tortuga Island.

The focus of the gathering is to introduce this magical place as a fertile ground for creative community exploration and artistic expression, inviting like-minded people from around the globe to share our tropical paradise. Numerous workshops and classes will be offered, including fire dance, circus arts, poi, staff making, yoga, healing arts, tai chi, salsa, belly dancing, surfing, drumming, capoeira and raw food and nutrition.

Local and international DJs, musicians and other performance artists are encouraged to participate. A long list of DJs and artists have already committed to coming down to Montezuma to rock our little corner of paradise.

In the spirit of raising awareness and protecting the natural landscape of Montezuma, all profits from the gathering will be donated to local schools and wildlife conservation projects. This is a “leave no trace” event that is limited to 300 participants. To find out more and to purchase tickets, visit

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