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Notes from Puerto Viejo De Talamanca

The Talamancan Association of Ecotourism and Conservation (ATEC) is holding its sixth annual holiday school supply drive. This year, ATEC is focusing on the small Kekoldi School in Baja Talamanca. The idea is to provide a uniform and a backpack with all of the required supplies for each of the school’s 20 students. The cost to provide these materials is about $120 per child. Drop off a donation at ATEC’s office in Puerto Viejo, or, if you want to purchase the items yourself, each child is required to have the following: 14 notebooks, handwriting books, 100-sheet pack of printing paper, 100-sheet pack of lined paper, construction paper, 12 folders, 15 pens (five black, five blue and five red), color pencils, 12 lead pencils, erasers, white glue, geometry set, compass, scissors, map of Costa Rica, Spanish dictionary, backpack, two school uniform shirts, socks, pants and shoes.

Many thanks to last year’s sponsors: Hedges Foundation, Ecoaventuras, University of Kansas,,, Banana Azul Lodge, Geckoes Lodge, Congo Bongo, Caribe Sur Real Estate, Coral Hill Bungalows, Kaya’s Place, Loco Natural Cabinas, Pachamama,, Tierra de Sueños Lodge, Cashew Hill, the families Heffener, Jordan, Orch, Berg, Mader, Meixner, Ripley, Carlson, Huntly, Blanco, Williams, Dramer, Hudson, Fuhr and Welsh, friends from Black Beach Cahuita, and Sarah, Sam and Ben.

The Bridge ( also does an annual school supply drive; for information, e-mail barrystevens

The farmers market in Puerto Viejo, ordinarily held Saturdays, will move to Fridays on Dec. 24 and 31, from 6 a.m. to noon. On the 24th, there will be live music, a raffle of market items, refreshments, Caribbean food and art. For information, call 8705-1398.

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