San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Arenal Report

Unveiled at the Ladies of the Lake holiday bazaar Dec. 12 was a surprising new product from a small farm near the village of Nueva Guatemala at the base of Tenorio Volcano: a biodegradable sports bottle in six different Costa Rican animal designs. Brainchild of Derek and Lisa Detta, Canadians who moved to the fairly remote village in June 2009, the sports bottle, called the Jungle Jug, is aimed at the tourist industry. The bottles will be wholesaled to hotels and tour companies throughout Costa Rica, though individual purchases can be made through the Dettas by e-mail at and by phone at 2668-2095 or 8835-0576. The bottles begin to biodegrade within three years and leave behind no toxic residue. Derek and Lisa’s motto is “Refill, Reuse, Reduce” as they aim to reduce the number of plastic bottles discarded in Costa Rica.

The Dettas received their final two designs – of typical Costa Rican animals in jungle settings – Dec. 10, a milestone in their 16 months of work to bring the Jungle Jugs to market. They will now become “traveling salesmen,” Lisa says, as they begin to personally market the sports bottles throughout Costa Rica. They have also displayed the bottles at the weekly vendors’ market at the Hidden Garden Art Gallery near the Liberia airport. Rancho Armadillo Hotel in Playas del Coco is their first hotel client. Businesses and organizations may purchase Jungle Jugs in quantity at $3.75 per bottle. Custom labels are available for a setup fee of $15 and $0.15 per label. 

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