San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Coco Capsule

While Playas del Coco clearly has not been immune to recent economic ills, much has been accomplished this past year. Most visible are the two new banks in downtown Coco: the Banco de Costa Rica branch in Plaza Colonial and the expansive new Banco Nacional complex farther down the road. A new Chinese restaurant, Jinau, is open in the Coco Beach Hotel and Casino, and the Marina Video Club now serves residents of the Marina Loft condos on the Ocotal road.

But most significantly, after more than a year of debate, the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court (Sala IV) has approved construction of an aqueduct to bring additional water to our side of the hill. This large project will hopefully assure our continued growth in a controlled direction and allow for the completion of many residential and commercial projects that have been stalled until the matter was settled.

All year, residents have watched the great improvements made along our beachfront. While these have included cleanup efforts and beautification projects, the real change has been establishing a base for an extensive park that will connect the beach’s two estuaries and act as parentheses for the harbor. The park will include walkways, a playground and even a small open-air theater, yet is designed in such a way that the essence of our town and waterfront as a working harbor will remain.

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