San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Arenal Report

Windsurfing has opened for the season at the north end of Lake Arenal. By the time this is printed, both Ticowind and Tilawa Windsurfing should be open, the latter under new leased management by a couple of guys we haven’t met; they’ve been backpacking in South America, an adventurous pair. 

Those thinking ahead about what to get family and friends for Christmas have a great gift resource right here at the lake in the person of fine jeweler Gaia Pelikan. Gaia has long had a website at displaying his beautiful and deservedly costly jewelry, which he made for many years in the United States. He has resumed his fine craftsmanship in a shop at home, and is again producing beautiful rings, brooches and other jewelry but with more economical materials such as silver, enabling prices of $50 to $150. Gaia will also produce custom jewelry. To contact him, e-mail

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