San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Arenal Report

Cindy Correia, co-owner of the relatively new Longhorn Bar and Grill at Cinco Esquinas, has some animal expertise and contacts that may be helpful to those with security concerns. Three protection-dog trainers will be arriving Nov. 8, bringing Ziggy, a specially trained dog that will help provide security at the restaurant. The trainers, from Golden State K-9 Training, will be here for several days, and Cindy will provide the venue, probably on Nov. 9, for those who would like to talk to the trainers about the use of protection dogs as crime deterrents. There is to be no charge for the event. The website for the dog trainers is at

Cindy otherwise has been much involved with animals. In Texas, she did rescue of all sorts of animals and was a founder and director of the Austin Zoo. In Costa Rica, she has been assisting spay clinics and also helping people through the process of bringing pets into or out of Costa Rica. She charges nothing for her help in “keeping families together.” For information on the training discussion or on bringing pets into or out of the country, you can e-mail Cindy at

The Longhorn will soon be carrying an array of hot sauces being made in the Bagaces area. Aaron Mast, who arrived here in 2007 from Washington, D.C., to establish a golf course, has turned his attention from that badly timed enterprise into adding spice to Costa Rican cuisine. Missing the spiciness of Mexican food, he began growing his own chilies. After extensive Internet research and recipe experimentation, he has succeeded so far in creating nine sauces that should be available soon. He’s begun a cute website at Abandoning golf, he’s performed a variation on a familiar pepper-upper: When life gives you a lemon, make hot sauce.  

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