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Notes From Puerto Viejo De Talamanca

Longtime Puerto Viejo resident and highly trained massage therapist Julie Hickey is offering to share her expertise with a Thai massage workshop. Thai massage is an ancient healing technique sometimes referred to as “lazy man’s yoga.” It’s practiced on a mat, with the client fully clothed. The practitioner puts the client through yoga-like postures sequenced to increase flexibility. Thai massage is relaxing as well as energizing. Level 1 consists of 30 hours of training. Julie will teach 72 Thai massage movements with the client lying on his or her back. Additional emphasis is placed on deeply focused abdominal work. After the course, students will give a 90-minute massage. Julie is certified to teach Thai massage from the International Training Massage School in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and uses the school’s curriculum. The workshop is set for Oct. 25 to 30, 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day, at Bliss Massage Center in the mall in Puerto Viejo. For information on price and to sign up, call Julie or Dan at 8879-2164 or 2756-8224.

Reminder: On Oct. 27, the Community Spotlight is on the Kéköldi Indigenous Territory and the annual raptor migration. Take a guided hike to the highest point in the protected area, where you can spot up to 500,000 migratory birds in one day, including falcons, hawks, vultures, kites and more. The regular rate for this fabulous experience is $45 for the three- to four-hour tour; to encourage nationals and residents to get to know their own backyard, a special rate of $20 is being offered on the 27th. To sign up, e-mail or call 2750-0398. Bring binoculars!

While we have the attention of the birders out there, the folks at Kéköldi really need volunteers for the annual bird count. This is a ton of fun and a great way to see firsthand how important science is to conservation. To get involved, contact Daniel at or 8858-2689.

–Alaine Berg

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