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Manuel Antonio/Quepos Tidings

Happy birthday to Robbie Felix. Robbie has another great idea: she is planning a get-together for women Nov. 6 and 7, when she will be talking about skin tips she has learned over the years. There will be several presenters, including a woman who owns a spa and manufactures natural cosmetics, who will talk about things in the kitchen that can make you beautiful. They are looking for other women to talk about yoga, Pilates and nutrition; if you are interested, please contact Robbie, and if you want to come to Manuel Antonio for the weekend, she is offering great rates at the Hotel California (2777-1234). She also will be offering great prices for buffet meals during the event.

Eddie O’Meara has a new publication coming out: a menu magazine called A Taste. If you would like to put your restaurant in the magazine, he is offering full-page ads for ₡40,000 (about $80) a month. The magazine will be distributed at local venues, grocery stores, hotels and restaurants. The ad deadline is Oct. 29, so you don’t have much time. Call Eddie now at 8888-8111, or e-mail the local print shop at

–Jennifer Rice,

& Anita Myketuk,

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