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Coco Capsule

Friends of Pato Loco, an informal group of local residents, is hosting a fundraising dinner and silent auction Oct. 29 at Pato Loco, from 4 to 7 p.m. Proceeds will help fund Pato Loco’s third year of giving Christmas presents and school supplies to a group of less fortunate local children and their families. Dinner is being supplied by A Taste of Texas, with a choice of buffalo wings, brisket sandwich or beef quesadilla and a drink for ₡7,500 or $15. Regular bar service will be available. Tickets must be purchased in advance at Pato Loco. Donations for the popular silent auction are most welcome, as are cash donations for the children’s Christmas party. For more information, call 2670-0145.

All proceeds will be used to create lasting memories for 50 children at the Christmas party scheduled for mid-December at the Papagayo Golf and Country Club, where a costumed Santa will hand out gifts to each child, as well as highly needed food baskets for their families. Friends of Pato Loco has adopted the elementary school of La Libertad, and will purchase textbooks and school supplies for all the school’s students. The Friends are firm believers in the far-reaching power of education.

What started as a small, last-minute children’s party three years ago has become a tradition and a joy for all the “Locos” involved. As an informal group welcome to all, they hope to add many new friends to share in the yearlong fun, laughter and overall satisfaction of giving and sharing, all part of their “nonorganization.” As they say, “We get by with a little help from our friends,” and, with that help, they intend to reach their goals and continue their great work to benefit the future of our community.

–Kent Carthey

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