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VIVA Travel Guides is offering a one-week travel-guidebook-writing boot camp in Tamarindo Sept. 27 to Oct. 1. Participants will learn about different types of guidebook writing, writing for the Web and travel writing. The cost is $350, or $250 for residents. After the program, participants will have the opportunity to stay on assignment and write for VIVA Travel Guides. For more information or to sign up, go to

Pierre and Sylvie Gaillard have opened the Tamarindo Music Academy at the Showroom, about 50 meters past the Tamarindo Fitness Center. Classes for all ages include acoustic, bass and electric guitar, piano, drums and vocals, with a maximum of six students. Private lessons are also available. For information, e-mail tamarindo or call 8704-6204.

Construction is finally under way at Iguana Surf on the new restaurant, after a fire destroyed the old one and other businesses more than a year ago. According to Iguana Surf owner Chad Gaston, the new owners of Kahiki Restaurant, George Van Engelen and son Nico, have agreed to move the restaurant back to the new location after construction is completed. The new Kahiki Sports Bar and Restaurant will have several flat-screen TVs and the same great menu, with some new dishes added.

In its ongoing effort to boost the community’s health, Olga’s Coffee Shop has introduced alkaline ionized water to Tamarindo. This type of water is from the tap but has been filtered and ionized to restore alkalinity and flush toxins from the body, balancing the body’s pH level. To enjoy this affordable, healthy drinking water and reduce plastic waste in Tamarindo, bring your own bottles (two, six or 18 liters) to Olga’s Coffee Shop between 6 a.m. and noon any day of the week.

The Salvemonos organization, which works to save the monkeys in Guanacaste, this week was able to hang eight monkey bridges at Hacienda Pinilla. These bridges are important because they allow monkeys a safe crossing between forested areas, instead of electrical wires. While there, the group also planted food trees for the monkeys.

–Ellen Zoe Golden

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