San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Tamarindo Talk

Blue Dolphin Sailing is under new management with Trent Bomers from Detroit, Michigan, at the helm. Trent has relocated here with his family and is working with the same faithful crew on sunset cruises or snorkel trips. Call 8842-3204 to reserve.

Just outside of Tamarindo in Huacus is Fantastic World, which is, indeed, fantastic. With slides, trampolines, pools and a total of 22 bouncy attractions, this place is a world of fun. For more information, call 2653-7029 or 8349-7985.

Essence Traveling Spa is offering a $50 massage and coffee or sugar body scrub combo. Private workouts are also available for two or three people. The spa is staffed with only licensed or certified therapists. For more information contact Shannon Vacca at 2653-1609 or 8827-2759.

Tamarindo Preserve’s Langosta Beach Club and restaurant, located on the road to Langosta about 200 meters past Super 2001, is now open daily and serving breakfast from 6:30 a.m. The restaurant is a French style bistro with a focus on Costa Rican seafood. The club also has a bar, gym and yoga room. Call Arnoldo at 2653-1127 Magli at 8879-2020 for details.

Happy Birthday July babies: Francisco Carminatti, Juan Carminatti, Devon Gaston, Luca Brivio, Yali Capeta, Federico Pilurzu, Drew Bush, Samuel Maman, Laura Barberis, Andres Espinoza, Pauly Chambers, Jon Culpepper, Neissen Jaim Riascos, Santiago Fonseca, Peter Oakley, Ron Stewart, Paula Sancisi, Mario Alfaro, Emma Paterno, Debbie Marcos, Mayla Collacchi, Agustin Benito, Morena Gullco.

–Ellen Zoe Golden

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