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Flamingo/Potrero News

Flamingo/Potrero News

Expats will love the new local magazine called “Que,” a mesh of “Spanglish” news and entertainment that features real life and local issues affecting foreign residents who live in the coastal beach towns of Guanacaste. The magazine is the brainchild of recent newcomers to the area, Jeffry Blasdell of Surfside and Brian T. Whitworth of Playa Grande. The two were fortuitously hooked up as friends through an unexpected common bond and decided to work together on a new publication for the Flamingo-Potrero community. Jeffry was a graphic designer for high-end custom motor bikes in Arizona and has experience with publishing. Brian was an attorney in the U.S. who made a life change and is now working as a professional photographer for property management companies.

Together, they have stretched beyond their comfort zones and are proud of the end product. “Que” is out for distribution as of this week so. For more information, email or visit “Que Magazine” on Facebook.

Welcome back to Surfside/Potrero residents, Lauren and Sheryll Neigenfind, who returned to Costa Rica for a two-week visit. Their neighbors, Kay and Russ Keller also came back for some R&R. Mohammed Haniff welcomed back members of his family from New York who visited last year: Pam and Bo Juman, his brother-in-law, Nazim Juman , and his niece, Nasiria. His nephew, Sean Subhanally, from Canada, also joined the family on his first visit.

Costa Rica’s department of health is working hard to control the proliferation of mosquitoes that spread Dengue. But everyone needs to do their part in cleaning up trash and places where water can collect to eliminate breeding grounds for these mosquitoes.

–Babe Hopkins

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