San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Manuel Antonio/Quepos Tidings

Kids Saving The Rainforest (KSTR) is pleased to announce that most of the monkey bridges have been repaired and replaced after the big storm in June. KSTR wants to thank ICE for the use of their cherry pickers and two workers, its own team, and all of the businesses and people who donated money to make it happen.

Thanks to: Byblos Resort and Casino, Hotel Mono Azul & Rainforest Restaurant, Titi Conservation Alliance, Casa de Frutas, Blake Vojta, Scott Wollin, Rick Kendle, Brian and Mary Kendle, Thomas Joseph Farrell, Linda Riden, Charlie Strehlo, Marcos Pabon, and Adam Morse. If you donated after this was sent to print, thank you as well! To make a donation to help with the monkey bridge project, or with any other KSTR project, please go to and click on donations and adoption.

Join the new Quepos Chess Club. They are planning on meeting Saturdays in the afternoon the Italian restaurant at La Garza Mall.

–Jennifer Rice,

& Anita Myketuk,

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