San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Around San Juan

It’s party time in San Juan del Sur, which is celebrating its patron saint festivities with concerts, sporting events, rodeos, bull fighting, horse parades, fireworks, beauty queens and lots of good food and drink. June 23 and 24 were especially active days here, featuring lots of live music and merriment.

On June 23, Nicaraguan folk legend Carlos Mejia Godoy and his group Los de Palacaguina performed along with several local groups.

The following day featured a carnival with greased pole climb, greased pig contest and eating competitions. Those who still had energy danced the night away at a street party headlined by the group Cuneta Son Machin. Bull fighting will continue July 3 and 4.

And for Frisbee lovers, the Second AnnualMarsellaValley International Frisbee-Golf Tournament will be held Sunday, July 4, from noon until 3. Don’t forget to bring your food for tailgating.

There will also be food and beer for sale, along with a bonfire. It promises to be a great day for the whole family – especially if the rain holds off!

–Jane Mirandette

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