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Arenal Report

A score of volunteers and hired workers fulfilled another La Reserva reforestation project June 2, helping La Reserva leaders Roberta Ward and Daniel Spreen plant 1,600 saplings on a pastured hillside overlooking the beautiful hidden valley where Roy and Mary Whaley live beside intricately curving tilapia ponds. The saplings will eventually extend the forest that wraps partway around the Whaley finca. Another project will help the infant forest extend over a neighboring finca’s pastures to reach another mature forest, thus eventually providing a safe corridor for monkeys and other animals to use on their feeding routes.

Roberta and Dan have just posted a new project on the Global Giving website. It is called Chocuaco’s Corridor, referring to an area several miles past Tronadora that is threatened by developments. The biological corridor will join two existing forests and create a buffer zone along the TronadoraRiver that divides the developments and Chocuaco’s farm.

Photos of the Whaley project are posted on La Reserva’s website,

–Alex Murray

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