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Arenal Report

Animals and humans should report to the salón comunal in Tilarán’s Barrio Carmen Sunday from about 9 a.m. on. The humans are needed to help conduct a spay and neuter clinic for dogs and cats. This is another in a series of clinics sponsored by G-PAW (Guanacaste Province Animal Welfare). Organizer Judy Reisman again is hoping for people to bring in neighbor dogs whose owners can’t afford the ¢10,000 ($20) fee. Also, donations are sought to help cover the cost of operating on stray animals that are brought in. Humans would do well to bring a book or a yo-yo to pass the time while awaiting their animal’s turn. Carmen is the barrio just before the Tilarán cemetery on the road to Líbano. The community center is the large single-story building that appears on your left as you catch sight of the cemetery less than a block away.

Monday, May 3, will be an auspicious day for the Arenal region. The grand opening of the new, multilingual LakeArenalHistoricalMuseum will start at 5 p.m. The museum, founded and curated by fishing guide Capt. Ron Saunders, provides a history of  the LakeArenal community with interactive displays, including audio and video of community history, as well as a variety of historical items. The museum is 25 meters south of the gymnasium, and will be marked with balloons for the opening. Free food and refreshments will be offered at the event. According to museum collaborator Joan Wiebe, donations will be greatly appreciated and a percentage of profits will be given back to the community. The museum will be open daily from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission costs ¢500 ($1) for locals and ¢1,000 ($2) for tourists. Capt. Ron can be reached at 8339-3345.

–Alex Murray

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