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Arenal Report

The good times rock-and-rolled at Rock River Lodge April 12 as supporters of La Reserva Forest Foundation gathered for food, entertainment and the great lake views in a very successful fundraiser. The overflowing crowd contributed more than ¢1 million (almost $2,000) in support of the nonprofit’s reforestation projects. Lake Arenal rock band Coda (Rob Balch, Chris Sullivan, Britt Kelly, Dickie Welch and Debra Huls) inspired some energetic dancing, though many were content to enjoy the balmy weather, sunset vista, food, drink and conviviality. La Reserva’s Roberta Ward Smiley and Daniel Spreen Wilson are currently masterminding several reforestation projects, some of which can be seen and contributed to at Roberta says they are removing the “Increasing the Tenorio National Forest” project from the Global Giving site because it is now completely funded, thanks to the Rock River Lodge event.

Down near the lakeshore, several residents whose properties border the restricted 50-meter zone that surrounds the lake have learned that the Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) has liberalized its rules about accessing the lake and have applied to ICE for permission to create a path through the zone to the lake, where they may be allowed to install a floating dock and small building.

Early information that a lawyer must submit a four-page application on behalf of the property owner has been proved wrong. A resident found that instead of paying a lawyer $500, he could go directly to ICE with a one-page letter and certain standard documentation at no cost. This is a big change from the days when ICE removed floating docks from the lake.

–Alex Murray

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