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Maura Bisio and Claudia Alfaro, who have been overseeing the care of Oneida Children’s Park, report that improved maintenance has been possible thanks to events such as the benefit skateboard event last month. A fundraiser has been proposed by Super Compro for the end of the month as well; however, they say they still need to collect money to pay the gardener and hope people will continue to contribute, even as little as a few colones a month. Call Maura at 8919-8253 or Claudia at 8867-5208 to help.

Lots of stuff going on at 15 Love Tennis Club. Tennis clinics are offered several times a week, as well as a round-robin every Friday night. The schedule for the clinics is: Monday, 7:30 a.m., beginner women; Monday, 4 p.m., advanced teens; Monday, 6 p.m., advanced men; Wednesday, 9 a.m., advanced women; Wednesday, 4 p.m., beginner kids; Wednesday, 6 p.m., intermediate men; and Friday, 9 a.m., intermediate women. All clinics cost $10. Private lessons are $25 for half an hour or $40 for an hour, anytime.

For more information, call 2653-0898 or e-mail

Brian Dale will be performing the next few Sundays in the KahikiRestaurantHibiscusGarden beginning at 7 p.m.

Supermercado 2001 is now handing out reusable recycled-plastic bags to all regular customers. Ask about them.

–Ellen Zoe Golden

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