San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Notes from Puerto Viejo De Talamanca

Liam and Selda have moved Café Mango from Cocles to the Sunset Bar in Puerto Viejo. Look for good times there. There’s a new veterinarian, Stefania, in Puerto Viejo, at the clinic just past Soda Elena Brown’s, across from Escape Caribeño. One of our dogs has been to the clinic and likes her. We are pleased as well. The number is 2756-8306.

We had dinner last night at Veronica’s Place on the main road, across from Cabinas Grant. Veronica and her family are lovely hosts and the food is always good. It is nice having a purely vegetarian/vegan restaurant in town.

When friends from other countries visit, we end up eating out more than usual. I have stopped in at Selvin’s, Maxi’s, Café Viejo, La Pecora Nera, KokiBeach and Jardín del Angel in the past few weeks, and all the meals were fantastic. It reminds me of how good the restaurant scene is here.

–Wendy Strebe

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