San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Manuel Antonio/Quepos Tidings

Our deepest condolences go out to the families of Travis Brutsche and Claire Pichette. Both recently died in tragic accidents and will be missed.

PAWS (Pets of Aguirre Welfare Shelter) swore in its new board of directors, with Pat Cheek as president, Christiane Kirsch as vice president, Jan Blackwell as treasurer, Sandy Franz as secretary and Teresa Bueno and Melissa Anderson as officers. The board also includes Anita Myketuk, Wendy Jensen, Pam Grimm and Tere Chaviano. Anyone who would like to participate on committees is more than welcome. The shelter is also desperately searching for a physical place to house animals. For information, call 2777-1113, e-mail or visit

Those coming up from the south, near the Panamanian border, can take the new bus from Ciudad Neily to Dominical, which arrives just in time for the bus to Quepos. That should make the commute pretty easy.

–Jennifer Rice,

& Anita Myketuk,

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