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Coco Capsule

As blizzards pummel North America and Europe, rarely a fortnight goes by without some gala event in Coco. This weekend brings a repeat of GuanaFest, a time of musical celebration throughout town and along the beach. Though the main event will be held tomorrow, international and Costa Rican musicians have been appearing at local venues throughout the week and will continue well into the next. It’s also a time for art shows of all types.

Comida China, our town’s only Chinese restaurant, and the popular Video Club are both moving this week to the building directly across from Pacífico, shared by Farmacia Sucre.

Among the more satisfying aspects of writing a community column is the opportunity to serve as a focal point for information sharing as well as a bridge for groups with similar goals throughout the country.

After publication of my report on the benefit hosted by CARE, our local spay and neuter clinic (TT, Feb. 12), I was contacted by several people involved in other groups in the Central Valley and Southern Pacific areas. Working together, these groups may find that there is strength in ideas and actions, and that while some issues are indeed local, others can best be resolved through a regional or national network.

Please feel free to contact me with your ideas, and let’s make this column work for all of us.


–Kent Carthey

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