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Arenal Report

Tomorrow is a big day for the entrepreneurs at Casa Delagua, the bookstore, gallery and restaurant a few feet from the water at the extreme northwestern end of the lake. Frank, the book-meister, Juan Carlos, the artist, and Mery, the restaurateur, are celebrating one year of togetherness.

Not only celebrating this anniversary but also partying for the next day’s Super Bowl, a newly aggregated rock-and-roll band tentatively named Coda will play from 4 to 7 p.m. Led by Rob Balch on drums, the group includes Rob’s professional-musician son, Ryan, on keyboard and vocals, Chris Sullivan on guitar and vocals, Britt Kelly on guitar and Dickie Welch singing lead and playing harmonica. Supplying mellow interludes, Debra Huls will also be singing. The group played at Gingerbread Restaurant’s New Year’s Eve party, where they had the revelers dancing madly.

Fuentes Verdes Ecological Association President Ed Yurica has cleverly scheduled his annual elections meeting for 1 to 4 p.m. tomorrow at Casa Delagua, thus cross-augmenting both the meeting and the party. Ed writes that this is a particularly important time to get involved, as the municipality held a meeting Jan. 16 to start work on a plan regulador that will govern future use and development of the region.

Ed asks such questions such as: Should high rises be allowed? Should the lake be made a recreational destination? And will there be enough water to support the number of people here in seven, 20 or 30 years? Ed will go into the significance, problems and hopes for the plan regulador process tomorrow.

The party following the Fuentes Verdes meeting may be the last chance to see the talented Ryan Balch, at least for quite a while.

Ryan, who has been visiting his parents, Rob and Toni, at LakeArenal, leaves Costa Rica Feb. 15, and in March will head for Japan with a contract to sing for Tokyo

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