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Jacó Happenings

The Central Pacific Chamber of Commerce, the Environmental Commission and the GarabitoMunicipality have been working closely with the Costa Rican Water and Sewer Institute (AyA) for more than a year and a half with the aim of advancing a sewer project for our area as quickly as possible.

The sewer would be built with a loan from the National Development Bank of Brazil (BNDES), in partnership with the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE). The loan will allow sewers to be built in Jacó, Puntarenas and other coastal cities in the country. For Jacó, the allocated amount is $20 million. The sewer would be built by a Brazilian company with Costa Rican materials, equipment and workforce.

Just north of Jacó, Herradura is celebrating its fiestas cívicas through this weekend with bullfights, dances, fireworks, rides, food sales, a tope (horse parade), international concerts, a Queen Herradura 2010 contest and more. For more information, contact Martha Luz Alvarado, secretary of the Herradura Development Association, at 2637-8363.

GeckoTech International is coordinating a course on food-handling hygiene to certify restaurant employees, a license required by the Health Ministry. The course will be 21 hours over three days, from Feb. 1 to 3, in the new Jungle Bar in Jacó. There are 13 openings, and the cost is $125 per participant. For more information, contact Diego Builes at 2643-0290, ext. 103.

The Jacó Art Festival is set to begin Thursday and run through next weekend in the Central Park in downtown Jacó. There will be concerts, cultural activities and much more. To get involved with the festival as a sponsor, contact Hugo Daniel López, director of the chamber of commerce art department, at 2643-4256 or 8367-1474, or send an e-mail to For information about the schedule of events, call the chamber at 2643-2853.

Surf Inn Hermosa will celebrate one year of being in business Jan. 29, with the Wetbacks playing live on the lawn and Café Hermosa catering the sunset event. In conjunction with this anniversary party, school supply donations (notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, etc.) will be collected to help out area schools. Surf Inn Hermosa is 400 meters south of Escuela Pochotal in Playa Hermosa, just before the Backyard Bar. The party will be out front on the beach. For more information, call 2643-7184.

–Christina Truitt

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