San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Flamingo/Potrero News

The holidays went well for almost everyone in the area. The influx of both Costa Rican and foreign tourists pleased all the businesspeople, and the increased police presence satisfied the residents. There was the usual craziness Dec. 30 and 31, but basically a good time was had by all. Many hotels and restaurants went all out for New Year’s Eve with live music and fireworks. The Flamingo Beach Resort wowed everyone with a spectacular 30-minute pyrotechnic show.

Sadly, Cheryl Eckhart’s Surfside Supermarket and the Lent/Eckhart Real Estate office were gutted by a fire on the last night of the year. No one was hurt, but almost everything was destroyed. Lent/Eckhart will be temporarily housed at an office in Catalina Cove in Brasilito.

Congratulations to all involved in the third annual Bougainvillea Charity Golf Tournament, held recently at Hacienda Pinilla, which raised more than $4,000. Proceeds went to the nonprofit CEPIA and Costa Rica Pet Care.

I am writing this column this week because Babe Hopkins is in the United States attending her mother’s funeral. Theola Samra, 87, a frequent visitor to the area, passed away Dec. 29. Our deepest condolences to Babe and her family.

–Marie Yates

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