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Granada Gossip

Another year has come and gone and I was thinking about how I will remember 2009, both in my personal life and in business.

We have seen a few people leave Granada this year in search of greener pastures, and most are missed. We have also had several new people arrive who are now a part of our community.

Granada has grown so much in the past three years, and 2009 was no exception. The opening of the La Colonia grocery store has had a huge impact on Granada. We also have a new Radio Shack, which has been a life-saver for me on several occasions.

We have seen restaurants close and new ones open. It is amazing to me that there are now three Chinese restaurants in town when two years ago there were none. We have seen the opening of a new spa, several new art galleries and a chocolate company.

Mayor Eulogio Mejia is still working hard and following through on his campaign promises. On a national level, politics remain the same and it will be interesting to see next year what direction Nicaragua will go. Economically, I think that we are all in a good place during these tough times.

Mombacho Beach Club, a beautiful  swimming pool open to the public on Calle Altravesada, is happy to announce they now have food and beverage service. The pool is open seven days a week and is a great place to cool off and relax.

Voodoo Restaurant and Bar has closed, which makes me sad as they had the best stuffed jalapeños I have tasted since leaving Texas. Café de Las Artistas has moved to a new location on Calle La Calzada, which is  now a pedestrian-only street. What a difference that has made! You can actually sit and enjoy a cocktail or dinner without the noise and traffic.

I would like to say Feliz Navidad and  Happy New Year to everyone who takes the time to read my little column each month. I look forward to sharing more information and “gossip’ with you in 2010.

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