San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Manuel Antonio/Quepos Tidings

Congratulations to ManuelAntonioNational Park on its 37th anniversary! We are so lucky to have such an amazing park in our area.

The community of Matapalo has been guarding sea turtle nests and eggs for years. Last month, it held a wonderful three-day event celebrating the release of baby sea turtles into the ocean.

Quepolandia is excited to announce the launch of its new, improved Web site at Please take a moment to give it a look; many of you will find your ads there with links to your Web sites. The ads change every 10 to 15 seconds, so wait until you see yours and then click on it to go to your own Web site. Full-page ads will appear on the top banner, other sizes in the sidebar. Details about how to be on the site may be found under Advertising Info. Thanks to Paul Rees for the Web site design.

–Jennifer Rice

& Anita Myketuk

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