San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Flamingo/Potrero News

Welcome back to Potrero residents Susan and Bob Smith, who recently took a safari trip in South Africa. They say it’s a very special experience to see all those animals roaming the wild in protected areas. Also, a belated happy birthday to Susan.

Please keep Mark and Alison Johnson’s son, Kevin, in your thoughts and prayers. He had a terrible fall while working in the United States and is in the hospital, critically injured. Mark and Alison flew to Nevada to be by his side and report he is making a slow recovery.

The kids from Country Day School Guanacaste and the Huacas school are planning a Friendship Party this month at the community hall in Huacas. The children have been writing each other back and forth to plan this fun party with popcorn and games.

Tony Kast, known to many as “the German butcher,” will be opening a shop in November at the Hitching Post Plaza to sell his organic meats and a few fruits and vegetables. In the meantime, he offers his goods at the organic market at Maxwell’s, held Fridays starting at 2 p.m.

–Babe Hopkins


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