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Tamarindo Talk

The economic downturn has hit Tamarindo hard once again. Out in Langosta, Cala Luna hotel, one of the area’s most luxurious and long-term businesses, has closed its doors, putting loads of people out of work. Also shuttering this month is Crystal Liquors, near Tamarindo Fitness.

On a positive note, it’s NFL football season, and a couple of spots around town specifically cater to the gridiron crowd.

Sharkey’s has three big screens and chicken wings, while good ol’ Surf Club Sports Bar in Langosta offers its usual TVs and a giant screen for watching the games. Both open at 11 a.m. for the early games (at least until the United States changes to standard time Nov. 1, after which they will open at noon).

The Surf Club Sports Bar has its usual yummy menu for the games, but you might be able to persuade owner Mike Clifford to make a special Egg McMuffin treat if you bring Raiders gear.

Coco Beauty Spa at the Shops at Diria commercial center has opened a new branch at Jardín del Edén hotel. The spa has a concierge desk called Coco Tours in its new location. For more information, call 2653-0538 or 2653-0137.

Happy birthday to September babies Isaac Vega, Alex Orias, Christi Lalonde, Courtney Bourquet, Van Mai, Gabriel Chaves, Natalie Rush, Zoraida Díaz, Haley Sophia Heath, Lindsey Cantillo, Olga Benjamin and Junior Rodríguez.

–Ellen Zoe Golden


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