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Tilarán’s three-year-old children’s library lives on, now under the control of Deyonira Herrera, a former librarian, and other Tilarán women, after a Sept. 1 handover from Ladies of the Lake. Representing the Ladies of the Lake, Arenal’s Gringa social and charitable club, were Leslie Ward and Christina Glass, the library founders.

Though its viability was sometimes in doubt, the library now has 6,000 Spanish and bilingual books as well as a large section of mostly paperback books in English, donated by expat readers. These can be bought for small contributions. The library is across the street from the north side of Tilarán’s central park.

A center of attention at the handover was the library’s new World Book Encyclopedia in Spanish, symbolic of success for the hard work, perseverance and generosity of the Ladies of the Lake. Though the handover has been accomplished, fundraising continues, with another Halloween fundraising party planned this year at the home of Christina Glass.

These are the last hours of Global Giving’s Open Challenge and the last chance for Arenal’s reforestation nonprofit La Reserva to win one of the top prizes, as the contest closes today at 11:59 p.m. As of noon Sept. 9, La Reserva stood in 10th place out of 75 with $5,940 donated by a total of 60 donors.

La Reserva has already passed the qualifying totals ($4,000 and 50 donors) for permanent membership in Global Giving. You can still give through the rest of today via

–Alex Murray


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