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Arenal Report

With 16 contest days to go, LakeArenal’s nonprofit La Reserva Forest Restoration had already raised enough money from enough donors to qualify for membership on the international charity Web site, As of Sept. 2, La Reserva had moved up to eighth place out of 75 contestants.

Fifty-one donors had given a total of $5,568, surpassing the requirements of 50 donors and $4,000 that had to be achieved by the contest’s close on Sept. 18. There’s a remote possibility – requiring a final tsunami of donors – for La Reserva to qualify for the prizes for most money and most donors.

As of Sept. 2, the most money raised by any of the competing charities was $9,031 on behalf of trafficked girls in Cambodia. The highest donor total was 91, contributing to scholarships for child laborers in India.

Having achieved the goals, La Reserva will be eligible to continue receiving donations from the general public and private and corporate foundations through the Web site.

–Alex Murray


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