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It might seem like the local poker players have been quiet, but they’ve really been having it out on the Tamarindo Poker Tour every other Thursday. The game is still open to tourists, visitors and local players who want to join in the Texas Hold ’em at different venues around town.

The format is an unlimited rebuy tournament the first hour of play, then freezeout. Buy-in is ¢7,000 ($12) plus the regular fee of ¢3,000 ($5.15). The next game is Sept. 17; for the location, go to

This past weekend, Guanacaste Security Operations Manager Sergio Cascante and other Tamarindo residents donated their time to help remodel the police station. The big news is that the station will stay in its location through the end of the year. After two years of pressure from area residents, an agreement was signed last month by Santa Cruz Mayor Alexander Gutiérrez and Public Security Minister Janina del Vecchio to pay the rent until the end of the year. The funds have already been transferred.

Up until now, Tamarindo residents have struggled with payments to keep the police housed in this facility. Also instrumental in getting this deal completed were Rafael Araya, regional director of the National Police, Xinia Vásquez of the Tourist Police, Erick Lacayo of the National Police, and Federico Amador, president of the Tamarindo Improvement Association.

Meanwhile, the ProTamarindo group will continue to work on building the official Tamarindo police station at its location near the Tamarindo Gym. For more information, go to

The Tamarindo Gym is the location for the Sept. 12 Recycling Day. Take any and all recyclable goods as well as any clothing for the Red Cross to the gym that day. For more information, call 8863-5122 or e-mail

The producers of the locally made film “Fe de Agua” have planned a guerrilla-style release of the movie’s trailer Sept. 12. They are going for a synchronized showing at 9 and 10 p.m. The film is now in postproduction, and the producers are seeking an additional $5,000 to finish up and screen it this year. For more information or to donate money, e-mail

Happy birthday to August babies Jacqueline Stensrud, Federico Amador, Greg Rothemel, Andrés Cordero, Billy Belanger, Holley Smith, Jonathan Muir, Daniel Chavarría and Cedric Auffret.

And congratulations to Jacqueline and Judd Stensrud on the Aug. 4 birth of their baby boy, Miles Alexander. Welcome to the world!

–Ellen Zoe Golden


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