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Arenal Report

Spay and neuter clinics are on the schedule again as Guanacaste Province Animal Welfare (G-PAW) Director Judy Reisman is back from the United States for a while and has organized two clinics for this weekend, including one in Tilarán on Sunday. For those who can pay, the charge to operate on a dog or cat is ¢10,000 (about $17). As before, people are encouraged to be charitable and bring in neighbor animals or strays. Operations must be scheduled. For appointments and information, call Judy at 2695-6652.

La Reserva Forest Foundation is doing very well as a worldwide contestant in Global Giving’s Global Open Fundraising Challenge. Roberta Ward Smiley reported that La Reserva donors had contributed $3,401 as of Aug. 26. That’s with just 18 donors. Roberta said they must raise another $599 and tally another 32 donors by Sept. 18 to earn a permanent spot on, which has an international network of donors, including foundation and corporate partners.

The top three fundraisers in this challenge will receive prizes of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000, and the charity totaling the most donors will receive an extra $3,000. As of Aug. 26, La Reserva was in 10th place out of 75 contestants. The leader, at over $7,000, was a nonprofit helping trafficked girls in Cambodia. Go to to check on the contest and make donations. La Reserva uses the money it raises for reforestation, particularly to plant corridors between forests to aid wildlife in their feeding circuits.

–Alex Murray


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