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Arenal Report

FlyZone Wakeboarding’s big demo weekend at San Luis Cove Aug. 7 to 9 saw near success in an attempt by 80-year-old novice wakeboarder David Butterfield to set a world age-group record. In a half-dozen attempts, David barely failed to get up on the board. At the other end of the experience spectrum, one of the world’s top wakeboarders, Ben Greenwood, showed how it’s done by the best, soaring behind the wakeboard boat in spectacular somersaults and whirling double and even triple turns. Residents came by boat and car from around the lake to witness the drama and thrills.

David’s best effort was caught on camera by intermediate wakeboarder Alexandra Krauskopf, one of the triplet daughters of Monica and Willie Krauskopf, owners of popular tourist stop the Lucky Bug Gallery and Restaurant. FlyZone, which has a wakeboarding school and club, is operated by “aquapreneurs” Sander Werink and Lars Dijkstra. For information, see

The other Butterfield, Suzie, sent out word of a really good new restaurant called Indio Pelado at La Unión, about 15 minutes east of Nuevo Arenal, a short distance before La Mansión and Toad Hall. This is a beautiful area, and the restaurant sits on a hill above the highway in a quiet setting with a fine view of the lake. Besides excellent pizza, says Suzie, the restaurant has a full luncheon and dinner menu. It’s open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Also new is a deli and sub shop a little west of Nuevo Arenal, the Supermercado Artesanal Country Store, a short distance west of Nuevo Arenal on the lake highway. The outward appearance of the remodeled house does not do justice to the culinary treats inside. The owners are Jacob Harvey and wife Georgina. Jacob, from the U.S. state of Arizona, has been in Costa Rica for 10 years and previously worked as a real estate agent with Paradise Investments. In addition to the array of meats, cheeses and other deli items now available, Jacob can use his many distributor contacts to bring in almost any treat expats have been missing. Also to be enjoyed are the pies and wonderful cakes baked by Jacob’s mother, Jeanette. One specialty is roast chicken, which can be seen turning on a rotisserie on the veranda. Jacob and Georgina also do party trays. Their phone number is 2694-4598.

–Alex Murray


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