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Notes from Puerto Viejo De Talamanca

Beto is hosting another Puerto Viejo Open Surf Contest Aug. 15 at Playa Cocles. The contest will have heats for open, grommets and longboard. For more information, call Beto at 8885-9688.

Good news on the recycling front: The new board of directors of ReciCaribe is working to set up a contract with the Biological Corridor. ReciCaribe regrets this temporary pause in pickup service first time ever and is working hard to restart collection service by early August. It will go back to collecting the basics, starting with plastic number 1 and 2, glass and aluminum.

A sum of money still needs to be collected through donations to pay some old debts to employees (vacation pay and aguinaldo year-end bonus) and to get the truck ready for inspection. To make a donation, talk to Maurizio at Café Viejo, 2750-0817.

Wendy Strebe


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