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Arenal Report

Talented singer and guitarist Cristian Porras will perform tomorrow from 4 to 7 p.m. at Casa Delagua. This is the second in a planned series of musical events at the charming setting by the lake near Río Piedras.

Cristian, from Liberia, is familiar to many in Tilarán who have attended special cultural evenings here in the past two years. An innovative and humorous musician, Cristian will be performing songs from his CD “Ticolandia.” He was scheduled to perform last Saturday, but extreme interest in national soccer events dictated a postponement.

Budding impresario Frank Goodell, who has installed the Arenal region’s first bookstore at Juan Carlos Ruiz’s Casa Delagua gallery, plans to continue presenting these musical events every two weeks. He’d like to hear from musicians who are interested in performing. His e-mail address is The Casa Delagua phone number is 2692-2101. Casa Delagua is almost exactly halfway between Tilarán and Nuevo Arenal on the lake highway.

–Alex Murray


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