Where to Work Out in the Central Valley and Beyond

February 2, 2007

Centro de Acondicionamiento Power

Location: In front of Colima de Tibás. Phone: 236-6415. Description: Private training, spinning, yoga, aerobics, popular dance classes. Prices: No enrollment fee, ¢12,000 ($23) per month.


Locations: San Pedro (524-1816), Heredia (262-0907), Curridabat (278-4635), Tibás (240-3339), Parque de la Paz (227-1747), Cartago (551-6214), Rohrmoser (291-6185), Escazú (288-2480), Alajuela (430-6890), Santa Ana (203-7464), Coronado (294-5518). Description: Circuit training using resistance machines alternating with aerobic exercise. Prices: Call for information.

Fitness Together

Location: In front of the Indoor Club in Curridabat. Phone: 248-9608. Web: www.ftcostarica.com. Description: Personal training in two private rooms. Prices: $30-35 per hour. Package deals offered. (Similar to Curves, under same ownership).

Gimnasio Anthrax

Location: 600 m west, 80 m north of the Tibás municipal building. Phone: 236-5774. Description: Locker rooms, showers, weights, spinning, yoga, popular dance. Prices: ¢1,500 ($3) to enroll, ¢9,500 ($18) per month.

Gimnasio Arena Trek

Location: La Paco commercial center, Guachipelín. Phone: 228-7667. Web: www.arenatrekgym.com. Description: Child-care center, weights, yoga, pilates, aerobics, kickboxing, Tae Bo, spinning. Prices: ¢17,000 ($33) to enroll, ¢18,000 ($35) per month.

Gimnasio Body Line

Location: Santa Ana Centro, Banco Popular building. Phone: 282-9487. Description: Weights, spinning, aerobics, dance, step. Prices: ¢5,000 ($10) to enroll, ¢12,000 ($23) per month.

Gimnasio Fitness

Location: In front of University Radio, San Pedro. Phone: 234-1146. Description: Weights, 23 machines, aerobics, step, Tae Bo, locker rooms, showers. Prices: For students, free to enroll, ¢7,000 ($14) per month. For two people, ¢4,500 ($9) each for first month, ¢7,000 ($14) for two for following months.

Gimnasio Fitsimons

Location: 150 m south of Pops, Sabana Sur.Phone: 296-0264. Web: www.fitsimons.com. Description: Weights, exercise classes, locker rooms, sauna, showers, child-care center, cafeteria, store. Prices: ¢20,000 ($39) to enroll, ¢23,000 ($44) per month.

Gimnasio GM

Location: 40 m from the northwest corner of the cemetery in Moravia. Phone: 297-5422. Web: www.gimnasiogm.com. Description: Spinning classes, aerobics, Tae Bo, pilates, popular dance. Prices: Free to enroll, ¢12,000 ($23) per month.

Gimnasio Grupo Multispa

Locations: Santa Ana (282-0224), Corobicí (231-5542), San José (258-2220), Escazú (289-5051), Cipreses (271-0357), Grecia (437-9000). Web: www.multispa.net. Description: Yoga, dance classes, Tae Bo, pilates, spinning, weights, private training. Prices: Vary by gym; call for more information.

Gimnasio Jivo

Location: Road to Sabanilla, 100 m south, 25 m east of Paulina pharmacy, San Pedro. Phone: 225-5762. Description: Spinning, kickboxing, aerobics, popular dance, yoga, pilates, weights, 15 exercise machines, personal trainers. Prices: ¢7,000 ($13) to enroll, ¢16,000-23,000 ($31-44) per month.

Gimnasio Metamórfosis

Location: Trejos Montealegre commercial center, Escazú. Phone: 289-5958. Description: Step, Tae Bo, dance, spinning, cardio, personal trainers, weights, 11 machines. Prices: ¢16,000 ($31) to enroll, ¢18,000 ($35) per month, package deals available.

Gimnasio New Tempo

Location: 300 m south of the Matute Gómez House, Barrio Luján. Phone: 258-8347. Description: Aerobics, spinning, weights, personal training, beverage store, tanning, nutritionist available. Prices: ¢5,000 ($10) to enroll, ¢12,500 ($24) per month, ¢22,500 ($43) for two months.

Gimnasio Perfect Line San Pedro

Location: Mall San Pedro. Phone: 281-0163. Description: Aerobics, spinning, Tae Bo, pilates, dance, weights, cardio machines, Internet, shower, lockers. Prices: ¢5,000 ($10) to enroll, ¢15,000 ($29) per month.

Gimnasio Power Zone Coronado

Location: In front of Molina Central, Coronado. Phone: 294-2755. Description: Spinning, aerobics, selfdefense, weights, personal training. Prices: Call for info.

Gimnasio Victoria

Location: 150 m east of the church in San Pedro, near the Fuji store. Phone: 224-3963. Description: Spinning, aerobics, belly dance, weights, 17 machines. Prices: ¢3,000 ($6) to enroll, ¢8,500 ($16) per month, ¢7,000 ($14) per month for students.


Location: Plaza Itskatzú, Guachipelín. Phone: 289-2376. Description: Sells athletic wear and equipment.

Slim and Tone

Locations: Curridabat (225-4440), Escazú (289-3696). Web: www.slimandtonecr.com. Description: Personalized circuit training, aerobic machines, weights, spinning, aerobic dance, nutritionist available. Prices: ¢30,000 ($58) to enroll, ¢20,800 ($40) per month.

Tuma Sport Gym

Location: Near Plaza Tibás, San Juan de Tibás. Phone: 240-2921. Description: Spinning, Tae Bo, aerobics, pilates, Latin dance, step, weights, 10 cardio machines, personal training, nutrition. Prices: Free to enroll, ¢12,000 ($23) per month for adults, ¢9,000 ($17) per month for students.

Turning Point Gym and Spa

Location: 150 m north of end of boulevard, Rohrmoser. Phone: 231-1636. Description: Spinning, aerobics, pilates, yoga, popular dance, cardio machines, pool, steam room, spa. Prices: ¢10,000 ($19) to enroll, ¢16,000 ($31) per month, student discounts available.

World Gym Costa Rica

Location: 500 m south of Multiplaza, Escazú. Phone: 201-8510. Web: worldgymcr.com. Description: Kickboxing, yoga, pilates, spinning, aerobics, weights, 125 machines, child-care center. Prices: $99 to enroll, $55 per month, 20% discount for youths under 19.

Outside the Central Valley

Arco Iris Dojo

Location: Across from Pueblo del Mar, Tamarindo, Guanacaste. Phone: 653-0330. Description: Dojo hosts yoga, karate, capoeira, more. Prices: Prices vary according to class.

Estrella Tours

Location: Across from Tour2Go and Aroma’s, Quepos, Puntarenas. Phone: 777-1286. Description: Cycling indoors and out, certified instructors, private classes available. Prices: ¢4,000 ($8) per class.

Gymnasium Tamarindo

Location: 200 m east of Hotel Pasatiempo, Tamarindo. Phone: 653-1423, 868-0002. Web: www.gymnasium tamarindo.com. Description: Air-conditioned gym with cardio and weight-lifting machines, free weights, aerobics, boxing, spinning, yoga, pilates, capoeira. Prices: $12 per month, $30 per week, $40 per month.

Jungle Gym

Location: Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste. Phone: 654-4686. Web: www.thejunglegymflamingo.com. Description: Cybex machines, free weights, cardio equipment, showers, locker rooms, personal trainers, basketball court, half-pipe skate park, chiropractic therapy, massage, acupuncture, yoga, pilates, aerobics classes, tae kwon do. Prices: $10 per day, $25 per week, $35 per month.


Location: Galleria del Mar,

Suite 5

, Tamarindo. Phone: 653-0852. Web: www.VOECretreats.com. Description: 24 yoga classes per week, including hatha, anusara, ashtanga, flow, iyengar, sivananda, restorative, yoga for kids. Prices: $10 per day, $150 per month unlimited.


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